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Versatile LPP Combustion Power Systems

Convert vessels to low-emissions propulsion and auxiliary power using LPP Combustion Power Systems fueled with high-energy-density liquid fuels.

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid

Modular, front-end, add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine or boiler to multi-fuel capability.

LPP Combustion Power System

The special-order turnkey LPP Combustion multi-fuel power system includes a modular LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid integrated with a new (COTS) gas-turbine.

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Turbine-powered ships fueled with LNG can reduce cargo space allocated for fuel storage by instead using liquid fuels vaporized en-transit via LPP Combustion equipment.  Liquid fuels have roughly four times the energy density of natural gas, taking only one quarter of the space necessary for LNG storage.

Turbine-powered ships gain multi-fuel capability with LPP Combustion equipment, easing fuel procurement.  Ship owners can forego a costly 'dual-fuel upgrade' which would otherwise be needed to use diesel fuel in addition to LNG.

LPP Combustion equipment enables low-emissions use of diesel fuel, ensuring compliance with air-quality regulations - even with extended use to power long-haul voyages.

In-place gas-turbine power systems (auxiliary and propulsion) can be up-graded to multi-fuel capability via installation of the modular LPP Combustion front-end Liquid Fuel Preparation Unit, which attaches to the standard fuel-intake of the gas-turbine without modification.

LPP Combustion Advantage
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