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Island Power & Resorts

Versatile LPP Combustion Power Systems
Resort Island Electric Power Low-emissions

Reduce electric costs with multi-fuel LPP Combustion equipment, achieving lower emissions on par with natural gas.

LPP Combustion Advantage

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid

Modular, front-end, add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine, duct burner, or boiler to multi-fuel capability.

LPP Combustion Power System

The special-order turnkey LPP Combustion multi-fuel power system includes a modular LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid integrated with a new (COTS) gas-turbine.

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Island power utilities and resort hotels can produce electricity at lower cost and also reduce emissions as compared to traditional diesel-fuel usage. 

LPP Combustion equipment enables low-emissions use of diesel fuel, ensuring compliance with air-quality regulations - even with extended use to provide base-load power.

Lower power generation costs are achieved by swapping costly diesel fuel for much lower-cost fuels that are now viable substitutes for natural gas when vaporized with LPP Combustion equipment. 

With the multi-fuel capability of LPP Combustion equipment, options for fuel procurement are broadened, allowing for selection of lowest-cost fuels.  Lower fuel costs, in turn, bring down the cost of the electricity produced.

When configured in highly-efficient 'combined heat and power' mode (CHP,) multi-fuel LPP Combustion Power Systems also optionally provide heat, hot-water/steam, and air conditioning (AC)/refrigerated storage.  There is no extra fuel consumption needed to produce these hoteling services; special add-on exhaust heat recovery equipment is used.

Additional cost savings are realized in that power plant owners can forego a costly 'dual-fuel upgrade' which would otherwise be needed to use diesel fuel in a gas-turbine generator.

Since fuel supply options are limited on islands, using LPP Combustion multi-fuel equipment to create a substitute for natural gas from whichever fuels are locally available avoids costly build-out of LNG Terminal gasification infrastructure, gas pipelines, and purchase of relatively high-price LNG fuel.

Also, optimizing fuel shipment transport costs by using various high-energy liquid fuels available (rather than LNG) reduces overall power generation costs.  Liquid fuels have roughly four times the energy density of natural gas, taking only one quarter of the cargo space necessary for LNG transport storage.

Already in-place gas-turbine power stations and dedicated power systems at resorts can be easily up-graded to multi-fuel capability via installation of the modular LPP Combustion front-end Fuel Preparation Unit, which attaches to the standard fuel-intake of the gas-turbine without modification.

Use of LPP Combustion fuel-preparation equipment has the added benefit of reducing over-all maintenance costs as compared to traditional use of liquid fuels like diesel.

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