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Grid Support for Wind / Solar

Versatile LPP Combustion Power Systems

Support grid reliability with on-demand multi-fuel LPP Combustion Power Systems.  Use bio-fuels for dispatchable, 100% renewable power.  Pair with wind and solar intermittent renewable power capacity.

LPP Combustion Power System - Biofuel

The special-order turnkey LPP Combustion biofuel power system includes a modular LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid integrated with a new (COTS) gas-turbine.  Optimized for bio-ethanol or bio-diesel.

LPP Combustion Power System

The special-order turnkey LPP Combustion multi-fuel power system includes a modular LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid integrated with a new (COTS) gas-turbine.

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Multi-fuel LPP Combustion Power Systems serve as quick-start auxiliary power when paired with intermittent renewable power sources for the purpose of maintaining overall continuous power output.  LPP Power Systems are available to match and back-stop power output of any size solar farm or wind park.

The intermittent nature of wind and solar renewable power generation sources is disruptive to the stability of the electric grid.  Inability to guarantee constant power output lessens the economic value of the renewable power and stymies deployment of additional renewable generation sources.

When the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing, the power that had been generated by the solar panels and windmills must be replaced by power output from some other generation source.  Often changes in power output from renewable sources are abrupt, necessitating fast load-response to stabilize the electric grid. 

The capability to use liquid fuels in large-scale gas-turbine generating systems, can be a crucial factor when considering development of an intermittent renewable power generation source.  Scarcity of natural gas in some regions limits options for integration of quick-start auxiliary power systems into the power grid generation source portfolio.  This limitation in turn derails hopes for building renewable wind and solar power sources.

A dispatchable, 100%-renewable power source can be created by matching biofueled LPP Combustion power generation with a wind or solar generation source.  Reliable dispatchable power fetches full price.  Bio-diesel and bio-ethanol are both viable fuels with LPP Combustion equipment. 


LPP Combustion Power Systems can be co-located on the site of the intermittent renewable generation source or paired virtually to turn on when output diminishes at a far-distant wind or solar farm.  Such virtual pairing would allow for installation of an LPP Combustion Power System at the site of a bio-refinery in a mouth-of-the-mine type of deployment at the fuel source.

LPP Combustion equipment enables low-emissions use of biodiesel and bioethanol fuels (along with other liquid fuels), ensuring compliance with air-quality regulations.

LPP Combustion Advantage
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