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Versatile LPP Combustion Power Systems

Use low-cost Flare-gases, Ethane and NGLs as fuels for remote-site power for:  drilling, fracking, production, and economically-feasible enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Upgrade in-place gas-turbine power generating stations with add-on LPP Combustion low-emissions multi-fuel equipment fueled with diesel or various other lower-cost fuels.  Turn-key LPP Combustion power systems add new, lower-cost generating capacity with emissions on par with natural gas.

Upgrading Power Plants with Multi-fuel capability serves as a blackout avoidance and fuel-cost management measure to keep electric rates low and power reliable.

Highly-efficient combined heat and power systems (CHP) are more-feasibly deployed when enabled by the expanded fueling options made possible with LPP Combustion multi-fuel capabilities.

Lower costs of remote-site mining operations with Mobile LPP Combustion Power Systems with Multi-fuel Capability.

Convert vessels to low-emissions propulsion and operations using LPP Combustion Power Systems fueled with high-energy density liquid fuels.

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Lower electric costs with turn-key Multi-fuel LPP Combustion Power Systems.  Low-emissions are on par with natural gas power.

Chemical waste streams and refinery by-products serve as viable fuel for power generation.  Excess ethane produced by gas-processing plants provides low-cost, local-fuel to self-power facility.

Reduce operating costs for building boilers with LPP Combustion equipment that lowers emissions from use of liquid fuels.  Add low-emissions, multi-fuel capability to building combined heat and power (CHP) systems, providing:  electricity, heat, hot-water and AC.

Avoid food spoilage and expand refrigerated-food capacity with turn-key LPP Power Systems plus add-on chillers using low-cost fuels.  Mission-critical refrigeration for pharmaceuticals and data centers.

Support grid reliability with on-demand multi-fuel LPP Combustion Power Systems.  Use bio-fuels for dispatchable, 100% renewable power.  Pair with wind and solar intermittent renewable power capacity. 

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