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Plant Multi-fuel Upgrade

Versatile LPP Combustion Power Systems

Upgrading power plants with Multi-fuel capability serves as a blackout avoidance and fuel-cost management measure to keep electric rates low and power reliable.

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid

Modular front-end add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine or boiler to multi-fuel capability.

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid - Biofuel

Modular, front-end, add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine, duct burner, or boiler for biofuel capability optimized for bio-ethanol or bio-diesel.

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid - NGL

Modular, front-end, add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine, duct burner, or boiler for NGL fuel capability.

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid - Chemical

Modular, front-end, add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine, duct burner, or boiler for chemical waste streams fuel capability.

LPP Combustion Power System

The special-order turnkey LPP Combustion multi-fuel power system includes a modular LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid integrated with a new (COTS) gas-turbine.

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Multi-fuel capability of LPP Combustion equipment broadens options for fuel procurement, allowing for selection of lowest-cost fuels.  Lower fuel costs, in turn, bring down the cost of the electricity produced.

Already in-place gas-turbine power stations can be easily upgraded to multi-fuel capability via installation of the modular LPP Combustion front-end equipment. 

The LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Unit attaches to the standard fuel-intake of the gas-turbine without modification to the gas-turbine.

High-energy-density liquid fuels stored on-site give power producers low-cost options during times of constrained natural gas supply when gas prices spike - without triggering air quality violations as is currently the case with diesel fuel use. 


LPP Combustion equipment enables low-emissions use of diesel and other liquid fuels, ensuring compliance with air-quality regulations - even with extended use to provide base-load power.

Additional cost savings are realized in that power plant owners can forego a costly 'dual-fuel upgrade' which would otherwise be needed to use diesel fuel in a gas-turbine generator.

Use of LPP Combustion fuel-preparation equipment has the added benefit of reducing over-all maintenance costs as compared to traditional use of liquid fuels like diesel.

When configured in highly-efficient 'combined-cycle' mode with heat-recovery equipment (HRSG), LPP Combustion fuel-preparation equipment can fuel duct-burners with liquid fuels to improve system efficiency even more.

LPP Combustion Advantage
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