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Refrigerated Storage

Versatile LPP Combustion Power Systems

Avoid food spoilage and expand refrigerated-food capacity with LPP Combustion Power Systems with add-on chillers using low-cost fuels.  Mission-critical refrigeration for pharmaceuticals and data centers requires reliable power.

LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid

Modular, front-end, add-on unit upgrades in-place gas-turbine or boiler to multi-fuel capability.

LPP Combustion Power System

The special-order turnkey LPP Combustion multi-fuel power system includes a modular LPP Combustion Fuel Preparation Skid integrated with a new (COTS) gas-turbine.

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Refrigerated storage is more feasible with expanded fueling options for the more highly-efficient gas-turbine combined heat and power systems (CHP) with add-on chillers. 


Any size of refrigeration and power application is possible:  a small grocery store, restaurant or hospital pharmacy; a beef processing plant or dairy farm; or large-scale warehouse cold-storage for port operations or a computer data center.

In areas where natural gas is not available, deployment of CHP refrigeration systems has been limited.  LPP Combustion’s liquid fuel vaporization capability eliminates this obstacle to deployment by improving fuel-supply options to include many locally-available liquid fuels.  Such liquid fuels are more easily transported and stored than the natural gas for which these serve as a substitute. 


Refrigerated storage can be co-located next to power generating stations to take advantage of the gas-turbine exhaust heat used to drive the add-on CHP chillers equipment.  (The advantage of CHP power systems is that no additional fuel is expended for air-conditioning, which is instead achieved by heat recovery.)  In-place gas-turbine power systems can be up-graded to multi-fuel capability via installation of the modular LPP Combustion front-end Liquid Fuel Preparation Unit, which attaches to the standard fuel-intake of the gas-turbine without modification.  Expanded fuel-supply options improve reliability and viability for baseload operation of gas-turbine power systems.  CHP chillers can be added to in-place gas-turbine power generation equipment.


Gas-turbines configured for CHP chillers gain multi-fuel capability with LPP Combustion equipment, providing opportunities for procurement of lower-cost fuels that in turn reduce overall operating costs.  Owners of gas-turbine CHP refrigeration systems can forego a costly 'dual-fuel upgrade' which would otherwise be needed to use diesel fuel (yielding high-emissions and spewing soot) in addition to natural gas.

LPP Combustion equipment enables low-emissions use of diesel and other liquid fuels, ensuring compliance with air-quality regulations and significantly reducing the amount of soot (particulate matter) released into the air.

Turbine-based refrigeration and power systems, fueled by liquid fuels vaporized on-site via LPP Combustion equipment, obviate any need for funding new natural gas pipeline distribution infrastructure.

LPP Combustion Advantage
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