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Vaporize Liquid Fuels to Create a Substitute for Natural Gas (LPP Gas™)

Standard LPP Converter

Add-on Multi-fuel Units for Gas Turbine Generators and Boilers/Burners

Oilfield Power Systerms

Mobile Multi-fuel Units and Turn-key Power Systems - Optimized for Flare-gases and NGLs

Industrial Power & Steam

Modular Multi-fuel Units & Turn-key Power Systems with Optional Hot Water/Steam

Utility Power Multi-fuel Unit

Modular Add-on Units Upgrade Plant to Multi-fuel Capability

Multi-fuel Mobile Power Systems

Turn-key Mobile Power Systems with Multi-fuel Capability

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Turn-key LPP Power Systems

Turn-key Multi-fuel Power Systems with Gas Turbine Generator

Chemical & Refinery Power

Multi-fuel Units and Turn-key Power Systems - Optimized for Chemical Waste Streams and Refinery By-products

Biofuel Power Systems

Modular Multi-fuel Add-on Units & Turn-key Power Systems - Optimized for Bio-ethanol and Bio-diesel

LPP Converter for Burners

Modular Add-on Units Upgrade Boilers, Burners, and Duct Burners to Multi-fuel Capability

Custom LPP Equipment

Bespoke Fuel Preparation Skids (e.g. Matching Power Systems for Wind/Solar Farms, Steel DRI Systems, etc.)

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